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Hilfsaktion Märtyrerkriche e.V.


Denim Airways

Meine Wenigkeit This page is used, in all other respects, in order to agitate for those humans, associations, organizations as well as boosting companies for which I feel sympathy and which are congenial. For boosting my ego, you find a picture of me here, too:

From September 2004 to October 2009, I have been a member of the Bezirksvertretung (parlament) of Wuppertal-Cronenberg and also a member of the traffic commission (Verkehrsausschuss) of Wuppertal. I will be happy to do something positive for Cronenberg and Wuppertal in the future, too.

Secondary to my normal work, I joined the BUGH Wuppertal for to study mechanical engineering. One of the last students receiving the title Dipl. Ing. Because the title is called Master or Bachelor now. Still looking what the future is giving. Because my opinion is, thinking and reflecting never causes harm. Here, it is possible to exchange opinions with very pleasant humans. I worked a lot stopping the »Semesterticket« (must-buy bus-ticket for students). The reasons for it are very miscellaneous. However ask ' me simply. What do I do otherwise? Working in the company That takes me up occasionally quite beautifully, and business is the salt of life. Above all, if the engineering and the design work is really well done and intelligent made, products with beautiful engineering and design always make s happy.

For creating this homepage, OpenOffice is used. It would be a big mistake to give money to Microsoft. This program is running under the best PC operating system of all times, the friendly ArcaOS as well. I can only recommend to make everybody himself a picture of it so that the world does not come perfectly into the dependency of Billy the Cid. Freely adapted from the slogan: People, please eat more shit, millions of flies can not be mistaken.

For the somewhat more constructional fellow men, there are many beautiful link collections for OS/2 / ArcaOS, here is one of them for example. If you are interested, I am not the last and only OS/2 user on earth. On Gerhard's private OS/2-site, you find some links for OS/2 and ArcaOS users and interested people.

shark-to msbc

In my free time I make all sorts of things, except excessively sports. Based on »sport is murder«: public sport is mass murder. Thus I use my bicycle for smaller distances and over larger distances economical and reliable, I drive a small Volvo diesel. This car is unbelievable economically. Also it is very safe, how I was allowed to determine with a moose test! (clearly: car and passengers owing to active security unharmed) probably the mixture from mechanical engineering and safety engineering makes a lot of fun.
Even sometimes additionally I read more or less smart books. Outside of the Internet's e.g. about politics, society or history in general. It is interesting, why the Nazi - dictatorship was possible. Specially the humans which fighted against the Nazis terror and died because of this. To this topic I recommend the Internet-pages about the "Weisse Rose" (white rose), a well-known group of resistances with Hans and Sophie Scholl and other young people, mostly students. (Only in German; please surf the Internet on your own!) I have respect for this persons! Unfortunately, too much persons lost their lives, for example Anne Frank.

The history of technique and commercial aviation is exiting, too. In order to give you an impression, here are three recommended diverting Internet pages:

Lockheed L 1049 DeHavilland Comet Lockheed L1011 Information Center
For clear-thinking people: History and engineering have one thing in common: Either one learns from it, or one is condemned evenly to repeat the errors already made. With the most fatal consequences... (and in former times, not always everything was better...)
DC-9 ValuJet Sometimes, one learns even from the mistakes in the past - here is an example: The accident from ValuJet flight 592. The airplane crashed by a charge of oxygen generators in the cargo compartment, which caught fire during the flight on 11 May 1996.
Due to this accident in the meantime a law is in strength, which prescribes the installation of fire-extinguishing systems for the cargo of passenger-aircraft. Further a law is decided, which limits the feed of dangerous goods in passenger planes.

missed children

Spiders are dreadful; and the center picture shows to you the greatest possible accident for me. Thats about what I dream all nights...

Naturally also my heart hangs to do sometimes something property because: It gives nothing property, except somebody does it. So take the time visiting the accompanying pages.
At Unicef you find a lot informations about their work for children.


If you are interested in my political opinions, please have a look at the german page!

»System Rau«: In Wuppertal trennen so einige Politiker nicht zwischen ihrem Auftrag zum Wohle der »Allgemeinheit« und ihrem eigenen Wohl. Vor allem ihr finanzielles Wohl wird mit »allgemeinem Wohl« verwechselt! Manche Unternehmer spenden mal eben 250.000 Euro an Parteien (SPD) und erhoffen sich -zu recht?- Entscheidungen der Politiker, die ihnen ein vielfaches an Gewinnen durch Immobilienprojekte erbringen. Einige Politiker bedienen sich selbst. Das ist möglich, da sie Aufsichtsrats- und Vorstandsposten in den »öffentlichen« Betrieben haben und dort - unsere - öffentlichen Gelder verteilen können!

For the SPD (social democratic party) of Wuppertal: Until now I am allowed to tell my opinion free at this page! So your try was a go-off at half-cock.

This original-photo dated 22. Sept. 2002 (no photo-montage!) shows Ex-Bundeskanzler Schröder interviewed by goverment-owned german TV-station "ARD".

Now, admitted, everything looks very multicolored and wildly layed out, is however finally private - and without guarantee for life and health.

Vimianzo Flagge Except in Wuppertal-Cronenberg I feel at home in Galicia in the northwest corner of Spain. Galician people are so nice and friendly. Have a look!
The following nice people are waiting for your visit: Anja or Christoph or Peter or Stefan or Matthias or Christina.

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